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When you hear the name 'Bauer' or 'Bower' verbalized, two predominant spellings come to mind.  However, in the days of early recordkeeping, these two surnames are found to be spelled in a myriad of ways since most record keepers wrote what they heard, and wrote phonetically.  Those variations are what prompts this page.  Many researchers studying the actual surnames given here may also find their ancestors under the Bauer/Bower spelling or even another variant shown below.

Though Bower and Bauer are the root names being researched at this site, both surnames also appear in many records (and at this site) under the forms of:


Borah Bowersox
Bauersachs Bore Bowersy
Bauerschmidt Borer Bowes
Baugher Borr Bowier
Baughers Borrer Bowher
Bauher Bors Bowher
Bauhers Bouer Bowin
Baur Bougher Bowing
Baure Boughers Bowker
Bauren Bouher Bown
Bawer Bour Bowon
Bawier Boura Bowor
Boar Boure Bowra
Boem Boures Bowun
Boen Bourne Bowyer
Boer Bouweer Bowrs
Boere Bourse Boyer
Bohan Bouwer Brauer
Boher Bouwerr Brauwer
Bohrer Bouwers Brouer
Boin Bouyer Brouwer
Boing Bowan Brower
Booer Bowars Byars
Booher Bowen Byers
Boor Bowering Dower
Boore Bowerman Power
Boorer Bowerse Powers
Bor Bowersmith Pur


Additionally, don't forget to try out these spellings with an 's' at the end if you don't already see them given here.