Probate Records

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North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900 extractions [no Bauer spellings, but variants are included.]

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania abstracts of wills, 1785-1825

Will Indexes available through Sampubco, a commercial enterprise run by W. David Samuelson, from whom you can order copies.

Will of David Ackerman of Poughkeepsie, NY dated 20 May 1776 [Cornelius Bower, witness]

Will of Charles Bauer of Northampton County, PA dated 15 Apr 1908

Will of Hans Bauer of Switzerland and PA dated 1748

Will of Mathias Bauer/Bower of Jackson, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, dated 23 Apr 1837

Will of Moses Bauer/Bower of Amity Township, PA dated 13 Mar 1805

Will of Isaac Bower of Southampton, NY dated 30 Jan 1734/5

Will of John Bower, Sr. of Montgomery County, OH dated 23 July 1844

Will of Jonah Bower of Southampton, NY dated 09 May 1709

Will of Jonas Bower of Southampton, NY dated 13 Nov 1670

Will of William Bower of South Gower, Ontario, Canada dated 9 March 1848

Will of Christian Bowers of Shennandoah, VA proved 11 Aug 1810

Will of George Bowers of Davidson County, NC dated 21 June 1844

Will of George Bowers, Jr. of Davidson County, NC in estate records of 1889

Will of Giles Bowers, Sr. of Franklin County, NC proved Mar 1800

Will of Henry Bowers of NY dated 26 Dec 1799

Will of William W. Bowers of Gaskill Township, PA [partial will showing no date]

Will of Josiah Halsey of Southampton, NY dated 10 Apr 1732 [Isaac Bower mentioned]

Will of Nathaniel Halsey of Southampton, NY dated 27 Mar 1745 [Isaac Bower mentioned]

Will of William Hughforth, mariner of the ship "Juno" dated 26 Sep 1761 [John Bowers, witness]

Will of Jonathan Jagger of Southampton, NY dated 18 Oct 1760 [ grandson Daniel Bower, legatee]

Will of John Lackey, mariner of the ship "Phenix" dated 28 Nov 1720 [Jeremiah Bower, legatee]

Will of Elnathan Topping of Southampton, NY proved 30 Sep 1751 [Jonah Bower, witness]

Will of Hezekiah Topping of Southampton, NY dated 26 Dec 1748 [daughter Elizabeth Bower, legatee]

Will of Richard Wood of Southampton, NY dated 17 Apr 1731 [Daniel Bower mentioned]