The parlor is used to introduce everyone to our oldest Bower/Bauer, etc. immigrant ancestors. This is the perfect room for everyone to meet these most senior forebears. . . 1790 and earlier. We'll spotlight them, leaving them here in the parlor until someone introduces another one. With so many Bowers/Bauers, I don't expect anyone to remain in this room for long so you'll have to check back frequently. The ancestors in this room are accompanied by short biographies, generations of descendants, and/or pictures.

After visiting in the parlor we'll invite our honored relatives into the kitchen where they'll 'meet' and 'socialize' with other Bowers of early days. . . they might even like some dinner!

flourish bar


The parlor is currently empty.

Our last spotlighted ancestor, William Pitt Bowers, has joined our other progenitors in the kitchen.

If YOU would like to spotlight your 1790 (or earlier) ancestor[s], just contact me at ladyaudris@earthlink.net for details.