washer, dryer and TideTide

Nope!.....not even at the Homestead can you get away from it! You know what I mean.....that dirty laundry. Laundry waiting to be washed is like a kitchen full of ever-increasing dirty dishes just sitting there until you finally do them!

The laundry room ~ a place to wash and clean...

Just like unwashed laundry, errors have a way of propagating themselves ~ not only those already in print in the old books, but even today on the web. All genealogists are interested in getting their records straight and having the sources to back their data, if possible. This page is for cleaning up those old, misbegotten 'truths' about our Bower/Bauer/Baur lines. This is not simply a corrections page, and it shouldn't be accepted as such.

To assure success of this particular project, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

1.) Understand, first and foremost, that if someone questions your data, it is not a personal attack on you or your ability. It is simply a question on your data, which may or may not be resolved.

2.) Under no circumstances are you to flame anyone. The webmistress will not accept any message attacking a submitter. If you are able to help a submitter, please do it in a helpful, kind way.

3.) Depending on the surname, your message may be submitted to one of our research teams for examination by the group members.

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So that each of us will recognize our ancestors, should their lines need laundering, please use the following format:

a. Name of ancestor.

b. Type of record in question.

c. Original source of the error. Include as much of the complete citation as you can [title, author, publisher, date of publication, page number].

d. Specifically, what is the error?

e. What do you believe to be the correction? Include discussion and cite your sources.

f. Your name.

g. Your email address.

A brief reminder of these details is just under the title in the Forum.

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