There's just something about the kitchen that brings families together and creates pleasant, life-lasting memories (Grandma's spareribs and sauerkraut, and her gingersnap cookies -- yum!). The kitchen even had one of those old-timey milk chutes. Normally, you would expect to find recipes in a kitchen, even one online; but not this time. In this one you'll find entire families. Our pedigrees are our heritage, our birthrights.

We do honor to our ancestors here by 'bringing' families back together ... right here, in this room that always stirs loving memories of one's childhood.



Descendants of Diel Bauer and Elizabeth __?__, of Germany and PA

Descendants of Edward C. Bauer and Margaret Kattenbaum, of Germany and OH

A New Beginning by By Dorothy Leona (Bauer) Chambers. (Being the descendants of George B. Bauer and Maria Schmackers, of Germany and OH

Descendants of Gustavus Bauer and [1] _?_ & [2] Martha Forbes Jones of NY

Descendants of John G. Bauer

Descendants of Johann Marcus Bauer, of Germany and South Australia

Descendants of Hans Bauer, of Switzerland and PA

Descendants of Abraham Baur of Switzerland and OH

Descendants of Johann Jacob Beyer of Germany

Descendants of  Jacob (Bauer) Bower & Christina Nease, of Germany and PA

Descendants of Adam John Bower & Mary Barbara Huffman of Germany, PA & MO

Descendants of George Bower/Bauer & of Germany, & NY

Descendants of George Smith Bower & Louisa Woodrow of Dorset, England & Victoria, Australia

Descendants of George W. Bower of MD & PA and Catherine Jocks/Jacobs or Mary Could/Gould

Descendants of Grant Bower of NY & IN and [1] Marie Simmons & [2] Lydia Mochamar of NY & IN

Descendants of Johann Adam Bower of Holland & MD

John Bower of Germany & Canada

John Bower [Johann Bauer] of Wuerttemberg, Germany & Chillicothe, OH and his descendants

John Adam Bower and his descendants

Descendants of Jonathan Bower of PA

Descendants of Joseph Bower of Ontario, Canada

Descendants of Martin VanBuren Bower of PA and [1] Mary Steel & [2] Malinda Sophia Stambaugh

Descendants of Michael Bower of PA

Michael Bower of Germany & PA and some of his descendants

Descendants of Tillman Bower and Maria Eva _?_ of Germany and PA

Descendants of William Henry Bower and Augusta Eugenia Spence of AL and TX

Ancestry of Ann Elizabeth Bowers of Monmouthshire, Wales

Descendants of Daniel Bowers of Ogle County, IL [with photograph]

Descendants of Daniel Joseph Bowers & Mary "Molly" Brown of Canada & Ireland

Descendants of Daniel W. Bowers & Rachel Gray of Warren County, NJ

Descendants of Edward Bowers & Mary __?__ of Germany & PA

A Discussion on the Research of George Bowers of Scituate, MA

A letter regarding George & Barbara (Smyth) Bowers

Descendants of Henry Bowers & Nancy Fleming of TN

Descendants of Jacob Bowers of Germany, PA & VA

Descendants of Jesse Bowers of TN

Descendants of Jesse Bowers, Jr. & Martha [Patsy] Maria Robinson of NY & MI

Descendants of John Henry Bowers of MD

Descendants of Kinchen C. Bowers & his wife, Elizabeth of TN

Descendants of Joseph Howard, Sr. & Mary Bowers of PA & OH

Descendants of William Pitt Bowers & Sally Gomer of NC & TN

Descendants of Mary (Bower) Harter of IN & OH

Descendants of Henry Smith & Sarah Emery of NY