You've discovered my secret place, my secret room. . .

On the side [from genealogy], I'm a former living historian. I taught units of history in elementary schools, my favorite period being the Middle Ages. I decided that I should have a room dedicated to that period of time simply because I couldn't stand not having something to do with castles and knights! [I think I must be spoiled.] I also must admit, since this site has to do with my grandparents' home, that neither of them had anything to do with living history or the medieval period.

Since I have this compulsion to brazenly indulge myself, but still need to stay on topic, this series of pages will be used for those Bowers/Bauers/Baur's, etc. 1650 or earlier and still in their country of origin. To that end, we will cover the Middle Ages and period of Renaissance here.

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bullet  Bower Heraldry

bullet  Bower, Formerly of Welham

bullet  Bower of Broxholme, County York

bullet  Bower Christenings in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire,      England

bullet  German birth records, 1535-1650

bullet  German marriage records, 1543-1650

bullet  Bower of Gloucestershire, England

bullet  The Inhabitants of London in 1638

bullet  The Gallery - a collection of family heraldry and
      artworks on display here at the Homestead

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