Surname Meanings

A dwelling [from the Middle English spelling bour; derived from the Old English bur; akin to Old English and Old High German buan "to dwell", and Old English beon "to be."]

An English place-name for the person who lived in a small, attractive cottage or retreat. Occasionally, an occupational name for the house servant. Derived from the Saxon bur = a chamber; an inner room; a cottage; a shady recess.

Bower, Bowers: English/Scottish. Dweller in a cottage or chamber; one who came from Bower (house) in Peebleshire; one who built houses; one who made and sold bows.

A topographical name: places in Essex and Somerset.

Additionally, according to Webster's dictionary, a bower is 1.) a lady's private apartment in a medieval hall or castle 2.) a shelter [as in a garden] made with tree boughs or vines twined together 3.) an arbor 4.) an anchor carried at the bow of a ship.

Bauer, Baur [German, Slavic] One who tilled the land, a farmer.