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We all have them. You know. . .a place to chuck small, but important notes we don't want to lose, or the kids' artwork and graded "A" schoolwork. These scraps of paper either get attached to the front of the refrigerator, squished into a catchall or cubby, stuck on a bulletin board, or taped to a door. These places may be in front of the world's face, or discreetly tucked away where it seems only the family knows where to look. It doesn't matter what or where. . . we all have them.

We are all family, and we all need to know what's happening at the Homestead as well as with each other when something of import occurs. Not everyone who visits us is a member of the mailing list (and why not?? smiley face), so we need a place to stick notes -- and this is the place. Literally, I've run out of room in the house to put the bulletin board anywhere else. Perhaps later I'll add on some of the house's other rooms (that mother-in-law I mentioned?), but for now I've all I can handle.

So everyone, crowd in the backyard and read the notes, reminders, Homestead updates and news. Does anyone have anything they want to post on the board? Email me at <>.   NOTE: This is NOT the place for queries.

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Our sister site, Bower Cottage (address below) has a certificates project ~ displaying birth, death, marriage and baptismal certificates. Want to share yours? Contact me....

The Bower Family Homestead researches not only in the US but also in 18 countries - Africa, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Wales. If you have Bower/Bauer, etc. material you would like to house here at the Homestead please contact me.

SCRAPBOOKS! Do you realize how much Bower information is stored in one scrapbook? Does anyone have one they'd be willing to donate the data from? I'll start a separate topic page for them if we get enough participation.



We have very few census indexes for the Bauer, Baur, Bowra or variant spellings. If anyone has them, please contact me as I'd like to add them to the Homestead.

Plans & Proposals for Year 2000

State/Country Project

What's New?
As of 24July03

1.  The new adoptee/birthparent forum in the children's room opened today.  Old entries are archived directly above the new forum listing in the index of the children's room.  (Archived entries, click on the book with the turning pages; new forum, click on the stuffed bunny). 

2.  Our new guestbook opened Wednesday, July 23rd.  I have archived all the old guestbook entries in a closed book sitting next to the open one in the main hallway.

3.  Our new queries forum opened July 20th.  All the queries from Bravenet have now been archived to this site.  Visit the queries page and have a look.

4. There are quite a few new files online. Be sure to use the search engine to see if anything new in YOUR lines has been added!

5. Yes, I'm aware the site navigation has begun to collapse. I'm busy getting backlogged files online and once done, will begun repairing the navigation. In the meantime, please use your back buttons when necessary. Thanks for your patience.