Miscellaneous Records

Let's face it, cousins ~ sometimes you end up with something that just doesn't have a place to go. So you stuff it in the junk drawer, a closet, or the storage room. Everyone has one or two of those catch-alls... we have the basement.

This page is also kind of like the junk drawer -- with all its goodies too valuable to dispose of -- a veritable treasure of sources. One thing about this "drawer" though... we won't ever have to purge it!!


Bits & pieces of this and that - like a little cabinet full of drawers all chock full of little goodies. Our cabinet is brand new, so we have have items in just a few of our cubbies. The goal is to fill them all with ancestral family tidbits. Would you like to help? If so, please contact Colleen Pustola.

  The Bower Name in Ohio, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada

  Bowers Meeting House outside Thomasville, Davidson County, North Carolina

  Cambridge (England) Alumni, 1752 to 1900

  Fort Smith (Arkansas) Criminal Case Files, 1866-1900

  Hardin County, Ohio Farmer's Directory 1916-1921

  A Memory of Houston, Shelby County, Ohio by Ralph Bauer 




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