It's always rewarding, and especially encouraging, to receive recognition for one's efforts. My special thanks go to each for their awards and kind thoughts.

The Bower Family Homestead's first forty awards are listed on two continuance pages of this section. There are just too many graphics for some of our visitor's older machines to continue to list our awards on just one page.

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We've received our fifty-eighth award!

"We are proud to give you the attached award for your hard work [in the quarter finals]. We enjoyed seeing your homepage, and hope that it brings your site some traffic." John & Lyn [Sun, 9Apr00]

Our fifty-seventh award!

"Congratulations! I think you've got a GREAT homepage and I'm giving you the MemphisJan's Too Cool! Award!! Your graphics are great and your content is very interesting. You've put a lot of time and effort into your site and it shows! Congratulations again and...stay cool." MemphisJan [Wed, 15Mar00]

Our fifty-sixth award!

The first round in our first site fight...and WE WON!! [Sat, 4Mar00]

Our fifty-fifth award!

"Congratulations!! Your site has been chosen as a February monthly winner of the Lynx 2000 Award. This is indeed an honor, for only twelve sites of all submitted win this award." DJ Wilkins [Thu,03Feb00]

Our fifty-fourth award!

"Congratulations!!!! You have a very nice site. I enjoyed my visit to your site and will be back to visit often. Your hard work payed off!" Al Stewart [Mon,31Jan00]

Our fifty-third award!

"Congratulations, You have been awarded your honorary angel wings. I am so happy to present you with this award for going above and beyond to touch people's lives in a positive way. I am honored to have had the chance to meet you. Congratulations again." Wendy Kohlhoff and Family [Tue, 25 Jan 2000]

Our fifty-second award!

"Congratulations! We've reviewed your website and are pleased to present you with our Genealogy Excellence Award." Clint & Lisa Lauricella [Sun, 23Jan00]

Our fifty-first award!

Familienkundler Award

"I have been visiting your site on and off for a while. This [is a] well deserved award." Kevin L. Sholder [Wed,19Jan00]

Our fiftieth award!

Nem5 Web Maggic Award

"Congratulations, you have won the Nem5 Too Cool To Move Site Award. This award is to acknowledge outstanding effort. Thanks so much for helping to make our internet community a more wonderful place to be." Maggi Norris [Mon,17Jan00]

Our forty-ninth award!

Back to the Past

"I enjoyed my visit to your site and am pleased to present you with the Back to the Past Genealogy Award. Congratulations!" Judy McClelland [Sun,16Jan00]

Our forty-eighth award!

Heather's Award of Excellence

"Congratulations! You have won my award. I have been to your site and think it is really great. Keep up the good work on your page." Heather Reilly [Sat,15Jan00]

Our forty-seventh award!

Dear MYRTLE's award

"Creative genealogist, Colleen Pustola uses the metaphor of an old prairie homestead to present the information at her site. Click on the "front door" and you can go to the parlor, kitchen, children's rooms, etc. to discover more about her Bower family collection. Hidden upstairs in the attic are transcriptions of old Bower family documents such as: vital records, probate records, obituaries, census records, military records, biographies and personals." DearMYRTLE, Daily Genealogy Columnist [Mon,10Jan00]

Our forty-sixth award!

USS Oakland award


For academic value and historic importance.


Not everyone will qualify for this award, as my criteria is very strict. Load times, color, content, and easy to navigate. Your page meets them all. This is the Turret Captain Award for individual websites that are military related.


Attached is the award which you may proudly display on your site.

The Turret Captain's duties were to maintain, instruct, and take charge of the gun turret assigned. They were assigned to aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers. Each turret was assigned a Chief Turret Captain or First Class Turret Captain or both. The Turret Captain rate was terminated when battleships and cruisers that had turrets were decommissioned and all the gunship aircraft carriers had their turrets removed.

"Congratulations!" Paul D. Henriott CWO,USA,Ret. [Fri,07Jan00]

NOTE: To see a copy of the original and full award, please click here.

Our forty-fifth award!

Family Historian award

"Your site is great with lots of family info!! I am happy to present you the first family historian award of the year 2000!!" Cathy Pomeroy [Mon,03Jan00]

Our forty-fourth award!

Genealogy Spirit award

"Your site very definitely qualifies for my award. It is a great site to be commended. Keep up the great work!" Scott Warren [Sun,02Jan00]

Our forty-third award!

Keeper of the Souls award

"There is a culture which believes a soul doesn't die until that person's name is spoken for the last time. I like to think that as Genealogists we prevent that final death." Marion [Sun,02Jan00]

Our forty-second award!

Genealogy Award

"We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and invaluable content. It is with great pleasure that you give you the award(s) requested." Ted Miller [Sat,01Jan00]

Our forty-first award!

Great Family Website award

"CONGRATULATIONS! I am pleased to award you the "Great Family Website Award." Thanks for sharing a great page on your family ancestry. It was very interesting to find out where we come from. Great pages and lots of work is shown in your site. Best wishes!" Twilight [Sat,01Jan00]


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