Hey!... Glad you joined me up here in the attic! See that cedar chest?

Well, guess what was inside! --

It's a real find and I can't wait for you to see this immense treasure!


cedar chest

Records, records, and more records for Bower family members! Boxes and boxes -- just scads of 'em! Can you believe it? I wonder how they got stuck up here? I'm just glad nobody threw these old papers out! Let's see what we've got. . .

rainbow bar


Cemetery Records (in alphabetical order by state/country)

blue bullet  Graves of Revolutionary Patriots

  Bower Burials, Siloam Cemetery, London, Ontario, Canada

   Two Bowerman tombstones in Bowerman Cemetery, Randolph County, Illinois

   Bowers-Miller Cemetery, Sulphur Springs, Delaware County, Indiana

   Bowers Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana

   Bower(s) in Jefferson County, Iowa cemeteries

   Woodlawn Cemetery records, Everett, Massachusetts

   Mount Wollaston Cemetery Sexton's records, Quincy, Massachusetts

blue bullet   Lakeside Cemetery, Colon, St. Joseph County, Michigan

blue bullet   Caldwell County, Missouri Cemeteries

blue bullet   Henry County, Missouri Cemeteries

blue bullet   St. Louis, Missouri Cemeteries

blue bullet   Maplewood Cemetery, Genoa, Cayuga County, New York

blue bullet  East Lansing Cemetery, Lansing, Tompkins County, New York

blue bullet   German Cemetery, near Lansingville, Tompkins County, New York

blue bullet  North Lansing Cemetery, Lansing, Tompkins County, New York

blue bullet   Wolf's Chapel Cemetery, Centre County, Pennsylvania

   Perry County, Pennsylvania cemeteries

blue bullet   Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Land Records



 Victorian deco bar

Somebody finally found the lock to this little trunk! Open it! It's the millennium project time capsule we've all been looking for!


I can't believe people keep fantastic treasures like this hidden away in attics...


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