A Christmas Letter from Mary Ann Bower ~
Daughter of John and Catherine Bower


I thought I'd share a letter from my Aunt Annie (Mary Ann). This letter was written in Fanshawe, London, Ontario, Canada on 21 December 1908 to her brother Jack (John Leonard Bower, b. 23 May 1861, d. 30 October 1925). Mary Anne BOWER, the writer, and Jack were the children of John and Catherine BOWER (BAUER) [b. 25 April 1833, d. 19 February 1912].


Fanshawe Dec 21/08

Dear Brother Jack,

We received your letter some time ago and were all glad to hear from you & to know that you were all well. We are all well and everything is going along as usual. I expect you would be disappointed at receiving another girl instead of a boy but never mind better luck next time, girls are better than boys anyway although they are more expensive to dress, but Lizzie always says she would sooner raise boys for they are not so cross and hard to mind. I am glad your oldest girl is going to be a good scholar, they all look to be smart children but wait till baby Annie grows up she will be the best of all. (if she takes after her old Aunt Annie) Lizzie and Charlie have taken up a homestead in Alberta 160 acres of land partly cultivated. He intends to teach has a school about 5 miles from home will drive night and morning. I don't know how he intends to do anything on the farm and teach school but I expect he will hire his work done unless his two boys turn out farmers. Hazel is still teaching.

Our school has been closed on account of small-pox in the neighborhood, but the school opened again this week as there has been no other cases. The family that had it have been quarantined. There has been quite a number of cases of small-pox around London this winter, but all very mild.

We have had a mild winter so far. We had nice warm dry weather till a couple of weeks ago when there was enough snow came to make sleighing, but there has been no very hard frost yet. We had good crops this year, prices are not quite as high as last year, butter is 25 cts a lb. And eggs 30 cts a doz potatoes are cheap only about 60 cts a bag. Father is busy threshing his oats as usual, we don't raise many only about 100 bus. We grow mostly hay to feed our 4 cows and horse. He does not do any more cutting in the swamp as we have no more than what we may need for ourselves and besides he is not able for that kind of work now. Lizzie hears from Geo. sometimes but he never writes to us. Wishing you many happy returns of the Christmas season.

I remain as ever
Your sister

Write soon

as I could not send a dress to my little namesake, I will send the money so you can buy her one


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