Letter from William P. Bowers to his Father, 1862


Tupelo, Miss., July the 16th, 1862

Mr. G. K. Bowers

Rusk, Texas

Dear Father,

I seat myself this evening to let you know that I am well. I received your letter of the 16th June which was a great favor to me to hear that you were well. I wrote you a letter from Corinth by Lieut. Daniels. You did not state in your letter whether he had got home or not. I am asking to know whether he got there or not, as I sent you $50.00 by him. He and Dr. McDougle and Frazer left Corinth about the first of June together. Our camp is about a mile East of Tupelo. We got here on the 5th of June on the day the regiment got here I went by to the surgeon of the post and got leave of absence for 30 days. I gets on the first down train and in a few minutes finds myself at Meridian, about one hundred and 30 miles below here, where I got off and put up at the hotel. The next morning I went to the post office and found out that Geo. Pickard lived about 9 miles from that place. So I went out there and spent a week. I then came back up to Shuqulak where I stopped and stayed a week or so and then returned to Camps. I enjoyed the trip finely. And I think if I could have stayed a while longer I would have got fat once more. There has been a great deal of sickness in Camps since we entered the ------. I would like very much to get a furlough and come home this summer but I don't think there will be any chance to get one before fall. I don't know what to tell you to do with my horse for I would like for you to keep him until I come home if he was not to much trouble to you. I have nothing more to write that would interest you. I want you to tell uncle Giles to write me as I have never heard from him since I left home. When you write I want you to let me know when you heard from uncle George & Will and how they are getting along. Tell all of my friends to write to me. I want Eliza & Florence to write to me & let me know who is married & etc. Write soon and give all of the news you ------- Nothing more at present but remains your affectionate son.

Wm. P. Bowers


Submitted by: Mikhael Bowers 06Aug98


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