Frederick Andrew Bower
of Albany, NY and
Nova Scotia, Canada

[Following are two articles sent to the submitter, Elaine McCauley, in 1983 by the Archivist, Atlantic Baptist Historical Collection, Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada BOP 1XO. The first article is not referenced. The second article has its source listed at the end of the article.]


Because of his unique position in the history of this church and in the affection of its people, Mr. Bower holds the official title of Pastor Emeritus for life, which was conferred on him by vote of the congregation in July 1957 at the first service conducted by the then incoming pastor, Rev. R. Knolan Benfield. On that date, Mr. Bower completed his fourth period of service to the church in a span of forty years. A native of Nova Scotia, Mr. Bower was called to the pastorate in 1917 from Albany, N.Y. beginning his duties in Morganton May 13, 1917. He remained for eight years until 1925. After pastorates in Albemarle and Kannapolis, he returned to Morganton to live, having given up pastoral work for health reasons. When Rev. John D. McCready entered the military service as chaplain in August 1944, Mr. Bower served as supply or interim pastor. The Bowers resided in the parsonage until January 1, 1946 when Pastor McCready returned. On September 29, 1946, the church granted Mr. McCready a three-months' leave to accept an assignment from the Home Mission Board which was concluded December 15, 1946, and Mr. Bower supplied the pulpit again. On September 10, 1956, Mr. McCready preached his farewell sermon before leaving for a teaching position and Mr. Bower was called on to supply until the coming of Mr. Benfield in July 1957. Although Mr. Bower now resides at Penney Farms in Florida, the Pastor Emeritus (whose wife has died) has maintained an active interest in the church and its progress, notably in its building program and in recent efforts leading to the retirement of its building indebtedness. Thus after a unique relationship which had its beginning 62 years ago, this church has continued to be the object of his gifts, his prayers and his love. Blest be the tie that binds him and us in mutual affection and in a sincere desire to work for the glory of God. At this writing, Mr. Bower is 97 years old, having been born December 13, 1881.

Frederick Andrew Bower, b. Upper Ohio, Shelb. Co., N.S., Dec. 13, 1881. Mar. at Digby, N.S., Sept. 19, '09, to Lena D. Anderson. Supplied Bap. Chs. In N.S. and N.B. during summer vacations of College course. Student at Colgate Theo. Sem., 1906-'09; pas. Hope Bap. Ch., Albany, N.Y., '09-'17; First Bap. Ch., Morganton, N.C., '17-'25; do., Albemarle, N.C., '25-'36; do., Kannapolis, N.C., '36-'42. Retired '42.

B.A. Acadia, 1906; B.D., Colgate, 1909.

Address: 507-1/2 Lenoir St., Morgantown, N.C.

[Source: The Acadia Record, p. 90.]

[Following is the contents of a letter to submitter, Elaine McCauley, dated 18 April 1983 from Bob D. Shepherd, Senior Minister of the First Baptist Church, P.O. Drawer 459, 502 West Union Street, Morganton, NC 28655. Pastor Shepherd gives no references for his information.]

Frederick Andrew Bower

Morganton Pastor 1917-1925; 1944-1946
               Interim 1956-1957

Died 2/27/80

Lena Bower - died 5/18/78


Submitted by: Elaine McCauley [5Aug00]