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Most people would like a place to get away -- freedom from work and the stress of everyday life. My grandparents, Frank and Lenah Bower [of Lincoln Park, Michigan] had such a place in Jackson, Michigan. Built by Grandpa and three of his sons, the cottage quickly became "the" gathering spot for them, their children and grandchildren. Though this cottage doesn't have it, I remember the light pink, stork image Grandpa cut into the height of the outside of the chimney because Grandma loved them so much. It was the only real exterior decoration of the whole cottage, and the first thing I'd see when we'd drive up.

The cottage was at Clark Lake. I haven't been back since my teen years, but I'll always remember the beauty and serenity of the area, as well as the picnicking, swimming, boating, and fishing. Above all though, I'll remember the love, laughter, and closeness of my aunts, uncles and cousins at family reunions and occasional gatherings of two or three families.

It is to that family and those treasured memories that this site is dedicated. It is for the Bower, Bauer, Baur, Brower, Brouwer, etc. (otherwise known as the 'B' Consortium) families of yesterday, today and tomorrow this site is built.


  It may not look big, but just wait till you see what's inside! Please enter through the door.

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